Month: May 2004

Back from the Twilight Zone

Posted by – 13/05/2004

I am back!!!

Yes, I just got back from the work (and 5IFSF meetings) and surprise! My network is back together.

I am receiving a lot of emails that were on-hold (my fetchmail + procmail is going crazy). I’ve lost some emails though…. I’ll probably not get them all answered in a short time.

So good to be back…

In time, I’ve just now heard about Ranty and ErConde. I am truly sorry about them. I’d like to add my cry to the chourus. May them rest in peace.

Too much work! DebConf4 + 5IFSF = me going insane

Posted by – 10/05/2004

I just got in a kind of crisis. A huge truck hit my internet down (it pulled out my cable from the pole). The cable company promised me they’re fixing it “within 24h” and nothing til now.

Tonight is work night for the guys behind 5IFSF so I am here. Of course from 5FISL’s office I have net access (though not full access, but it’s a beginning).

We’re about to end this long day that started with AMAD (Another Meeting About DebConf4) – gosh! that can even turn itself into a good acronym. Anyways, if you’re trying to figure out why spectra[AWAY] is not hanging on some IRC channel out there, that’s the reason. This time I am really away.

I’ll finally get home and sleep a little in a few moments, so just to answer some FAQs about DebConf4 before I go unplugged: Yes, if you registered the right dates you’ll be booked in SESC. Yes, you will have to pay for the unsponsored days (before May 26th or after June 2nd). Yes, we got a special fee for those days: ~US$40.00 per room (each room fits 4 people).

Signing off.


And Google will really go open…

Posted by – 06/05/2004

I am kind of concearned with Google going open. Really!! What will happen if some money greeds take over Google? We’ll start seeing much more ads disguised as real search results…

… and what if Microsoft controls a good share of Google? Just for some quick stats got from search results in MSN and Google:

  • “Linux” count: MSN=334; Google=103,000,000
  • “Windows” count: MSN=1497; Google=116,000,000

I know, I know… There’re two different logics involved. MSN is (as for today) a directory-like listing (much as Yahoo! had been in the past). Google is more like a huge crawler. But check the percentual share (considering just the two words):

  • “Linux” percentage: MSN=18.2%; Google=47%
  • “Windows” percentage: MSN=81.8%; Google=53%

Wow! That is a significant difference!

We all learned to believe Google. They just provided us with high quality searches and they made enough profit from the popularity they acquired providing those quality searches (and vice-versa). By going open I am afraid this could change. Sudenlly the profits from a technically excellent service may just not be good enough…

As these two comic strip show:

… it will be hard without Google.

Brazilian Government Training Week Pictures

Posted by – 02/05/2004

The Brazilian Government just ended up a whole training week in Free Software. My company , of course, was there talking about OpenLDAP and Postfix .

They’re all very excited with 5th International Free Software Forum being just around the corner and a lot of government staff (mainly from Serpro – Government Data Processing Company) will attend IFSF this year. They’re particularly interested in international contacts to increase the quality of Free Software services in the Government.

This is interesting, because when PSL-Brasil firstly proposed the 1st Pre-Forum (a networking event that will happen the day before IFSF), they were thinking just that! Having contacts is everything and a networking event is just about that. This will surely be a good place to be if you intend to make business with the Government, and I will be there!

Marlon, my associate, was in Brasília for the event and took a whole bunch of pictures you can see at his gallery .

Other quick news about Brazil and Free Software:

Little sister birthday party

Posted by – 02/05/2004

My sister just turned 21. She held her party at Café do Prado, a fancy bar downtown.

As I was on call for the weekend, I just showed up in the beginning and left right after the “picture session”. Pictures were taken with the low-resolution bar camera… 🙁

Brenda (my girlfriend), Pablo (me!) and Pânila (my sister)

In the above picture my sister is on the right (my left side), and my girlfriend is on the left (my right side). More at my gallery .