Edgar Villanueva will be in 5th IFSF

Posted by – 24/04/2004

In conformance with this universally accepted principle, the citizen has the right to know all information held by the State […] software deals with information and is itself information. Information in a special form, capable of being interpreted by a machine in order to execute actions, but crucial information all the same because the citizen has a legitimate right to know, for example, how his vote is computed or his taxes calculated. And for that he must have free access to the source code and be able to prove to his satisfaction the programs used for electoral computations or calculation of his taxes.

The author of this letter answering Microsoft with regard to a law enforcing Free Software in Public Administration is Edgar Villanueva, a congressman in Peru.

For me this guy is a hero. He is defending Free Software not because of its gratuity, but because of national security! I have long wished to meet him and now I’ll have my chance: he will be present at 5th IFSF [pt_BR]. Being a portuguese-speaker, I just wish they put his talk in one of those simultaneous-translation-enabled rooms because I am afraid I’ll not be able to understand spanish. They will be translating into english as well, so I’ve been informed…

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