Local User Group Meeting and Women’s Day

Posted by – 07/03/2004

On saturday we had our Local Debian User Group monthly meeting. It was great! The interest in the DebConf4 and the 5th International Free Software Forum drove all the main discussions (before everybody start getting drunk, of course).

The IFSF, although being a huge event (over 4.5 thousand people last year), is mainly driven by the community. Our group always had a booth in the event to gather people, and this year we’ve not even get started planning it… well… not until Saturday, of course… Now our attentions will be fully driven to DebConf4 and 5IFSF…

In time, Marlon have posted , as he always do, some pictures from the meeting. This one I had to post here:

Brenda and I

That in the picture is my girlfriend. I’d like to wish her a wonderful International Women’s Day .

BTW: on my t-shirt: “debian/rules”

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