Carnival and some interesting readings…

Posted by – 20/02/2004

It finally came! It’s carnival again in Brazil… Three nights (sometimes 4 or 5) of pagan party, lots of drinking, and brazilian samba until 7AM (sometimes 9AM or 12AM). I am leaving, as usual, to the beach to enjoy some of this fun.

It’s a shame I’ll not be able to enjoy all the fun, as I used to do just some years ago… For most people, it’s holidays until Tuesday (they’ll just come back to work on Wednesday), but I work on Monday. Interesting enough, none of my friends do… “It’s just me working” is a thought that doesn’t come out of my mind! That and “Those lucky bastards!”. 😉

Anyways, I always remember one of my belgium friends that had came to Brazil some time ago when he said “Brazilian Carnival is something everybody should try… at least once”… How lucky I am to “try” it every year!!!

In time, I’ve crossed with two interesting readings this morning: (1) it seems that DoD loves GNU/Linux (who doesn’t?); and (2) somebody wrote a thin and funny book on Ruby.

Enjoy the reading… (and for those lucky enough to be here: enjoy Carnival!)

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