International Free Software Forum Call For Papers

Posted by – 05/02/2004

Today PSL-RS officially issued their 5th International Free Software Forum Call For Papers (versions in english and portuguese available, spanish is coming soon).

The Forum will be held in Porto Alegre, a southern brazilian capital that became famous due to the World Social Forum.

Porto Alegre will also hold DebConf4, from May 26th to June 2nd. So this Forum is perfect por people attending DebConf4 that wish to spread the word.

The Forum have well defined theme-lines and it’s purely academic (it’s not a trade show!). So anyone submitting papers should be fully aware that they must teach people rather than merely inform them.

I have already submitted my papers. One about FLOSS Communities, and another about Ruby Programming. I fit those in their Community and Development themes respectively. Of course they’ll evaluate them before letting me speak about them in the Forum. 😉

Unfortunately, the Forum website is not ready yet. They intend to have english and spanish versions this year, so I think that’s delaying its launch. Anyways, one can find a good bunch of information about the Forum in their sponsorship plan.

See you there!

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