Month: February 2004

Fyodor Terminates SCO’s Right to Distribute Nmap

Posted by – 28/02/2004

Wow! That is some twist in this whole SCO mess I haven’t foreseen. This is what is in Nmap 3.50 release notes :

“SCO Corporation of Lindon, Utah (formerly Caldera) has lately taken to an extortion campaign of demanding license fees from Linux users for code that they themselves knowingly distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. They have also refused to accept the GPL, claiming that some preposterous theory of theirs makes it invalid (and even unconstitutional)! Meanwhile they have distributed GPL-licensed Nmap in (at least) their ‘Supplemental Open Source CD’. In response to these blatant violations, and in accordance with section 4 of the GPL, we hereby terminate SCO’s rights to redistribute any versions of Nmap in any of their products, including (without limitation) OpenLinux, Skunkware, OpenServer, and UNIXWare. We have also stopped supporting the OpenServer and UNIXWare platforms.”

This gives me the following thought: what if every GPL author terminates SCO rights to redistribute their software?

Apparently, Groklaw’s Pamela Jones seems to agree that if SCO repudiated GPL, they can fall under section 4 termination terms, which means that any GPL author can sue them. That would be interesting, for a change!

DebConf4 Complex

Posted by – 27/02/2004

It surely took some time (and some qCad learning), but I finally managed to get a good, scaled, floor plan of DebConf4 complex (the SESC hotel).

It’s at DebConf4 website . As we can see, the complex have two floors, the entrance and the main conference room being on the 2nd floor, and the auxiliary rooms 1 and 2 being on the 1st floor.

We now have plenty information already compiled for attendees. If somebody feel we missed some useful information, please, let us know.

See you at DebConf4.

Microsoft and Virtual Desktops/Pagers

Posted by – 26/02/2004

Interesting that in Microsoft’s Pager/Virtual Desktops patent application they show KDE’s and GNOME’s pagers drawings as prior work.

I wonder if we’ll have to pay Microsoft any royalties for using pagers under GNU/Linux if that patent is granted or if that will only work in Windows Systems. IANAL, but I’d say that, since it’s a concept, it’s unlikely we’ll be affected (unless we duplicate the look’n’feel Microsoft intends for their own pagers and VDs)…

Anyways, it’s always a pleasure noticing that Microsoft is trying to do things as we have done for years instead of it happening backwards. 😉

Carnival was great, but… back to business

Posted by – 24/02/2004

Carnival was great, indeed! I spent all saturday night long at the party. My girlfriend and I got really drank and had to take a cab back home.

Sunday, after I got my car back, I drove back to Porto Alegre since I had to work yesterday (how great would it be to party all 4 nights as I used to some years ago)…

Today it’s still carnival holydays and I am not on call (although my girlfriend is). I decided to take the day to work on my packages and do some minor stuff we always postpone. I’ve updated all my packages to the new Standards and closed a long standing wishlist bug in tcpspy .

As a suggestion, 2CPU have an interesting article on Hyper-Threading for those interested in hard-core readings.

Carnival and some interesting readings…

Posted by – 20/02/2004

It finally came! It’s carnival again in Brazil… Three nights (sometimes 4 or 5) of pagan party, lots of drinking, and brazilian samba until 7AM (sometimes 9AM or 12AM). I am leaving, as usual, to the beach to enjoy some of this fun.

It’s a shame I’ll not be able to enjoy all the fun, as I used to do just some years ago… For most people, it’s holidays until Tuesday (they’ll just come back to work on Wednesday), but I work on Monday. Interesting enough, none of my friends do… “It’s just me working” is a thought that doesn’t come out of my mind! That and “Those lucky bastards!”. 😉

Anyways, I always remember one of my belgium friends that had came to Brazil some time ago when he said “Brazilian Carnival is something everybody should try… at least once”… How lucky I am to “try” it every year!!!

In time, I’ve crossed with two interesting readings this morning: (1) it seems that DoD loves GNU/Linux (who doesn’t?); and (2) somebody wrote a thin and funny book on Ruby.

Enjoy the reading… (and for those lucky enough to be here: enjoy Carnival!)

Time is ticking

Posted by – 13/02/2004

I like countdown clocks. They sort of give you a pretty good idea of how much you have to wait (or work) to accomplish one particular goal.

For instance, here I can watch for how long I still have to be a slave (I am under a residency trainning in radiology). Here I can see that I have no longer much time to help with DebConf4 (and that means I still have to work a lot).

I guess I am just tired of advancing calls…

DebConf4 Registrations Opened

Posted by – 09/02/2004

Today, as promised before, the 5th edition of the Annual Debian
Conference (DebConf4) opened its registration.

As you may already know, there will be some differences [1], and it’s important to register early.

And for the URL everybody’s waiting….

Our sponsors until now includes:

  • HP
  • PSL-RS (the International Free Software Forum organizers)
  • O’Reilly
  • Lindows

Meet you there!

The DebConf4 Team

  1. Due to great support from HP, which will pay for accommodation and meals, we will be able to host 150 persons for free. We operate on a “First Come First Serve” base, favoring DDs but also welcoming everyone else advancing Debian. Even if you can’t make the first 150, a day will cost only about 17$US.
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International Free Software Forum Call For Papers

Posted by – 05/02/2004

Today PSL-RS officially issued their 5th International Free Software Forum Call For Papers (versions in english and portuguese available, spanish is coming soon).

The Forum will be held in Porto Alegre, a southern brazilian capital that became famous due to the World Social Forum.

Porto Alegre will also hold DebConf4, from May 26th to June 2nd. So this Forum is perfect por people attending DebConf4 that wish to spread the word.

The Forum have well defined theme-lines and it’s purely academic (it’s not a trade show!). So anyone submitting papers should be fully aware that they must teach people rather than merely inform them.

I have already submitted my papers. One about FLOSS Communities, and another about Ruby Programming. I fit those in their Community and Development themes respectively. Of course they’ll evaluate them before letting me speak about them in the Forum. 😉

Unfortunately, the Forum website is not ready yet. They intend to have english and spanish versions this year, so I think that’s delaying its launch. Anyways, one can find a good bunch of information about the Forum in their sponsorship plan.

See you there!

DebConf4 Status Report

Posted by – 02/02/2004

Everybody’s favorite conference, DebConf4, will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from May 26th to June 2nd.

Those of you having been to earlier DebConfs know already what to expect. But some things are different this year:

  • There is no gym where you can sleep on the floor for free. You have to sleep in a hotel for free [1]. (SESC is our hotel and the place where the event takes place.)
  • As before, food will be free, too, but it will be brazilian food [1], with alternative options for vegans or people with allergies.
  • There will be a variety of recreational activities available. Check for details.
  • DebConf and DebCamp are merged; every day of the conference (except for the first one) there will be one talk in the morning and one in the afternoon. We aim for more in-depth discussion and less sleeping participants. Please submit talks you would like to give. (CFP coming soon.)
  • people will not have to leave the area at 18.00. It’ll be a 24/7 hacking fest!!!

As before we will have a keysigning party and lots of time for bugsquashing and hacking during DebCamp.

The DebConf4 Website holds exhaustive information about travel, visa, vaccination, language help, Brazil, Porto Alegre, weather, currency and money exchange, SESC, sponsors, and of course the excellent, all surpassing, amazing team of people making this happing.

Registrations will be opened on February 10th, be ready!!

The growing list of sponsors already includes:

  • HP
  • PSL-RS (the International Free Software Forum organizers)
  • O’Reilly
  • Lindows

See you at DebConf4,

The DebConf4 Team

  1. Due to great support from HP, which will pay for accommodation and meals, we will be able to host 150 persons for free. We operate on a “First Come First Serve” base, favoring DDs but also welcoming everyone else advancing Debian. Even if you can’t make the first 150, a day will cost only about 17$US.
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UN reports that FLOSS is better

Posted by – 02/02/2004

I just translated into pt_BR another article at my company’s website.

The best part is

“What seems clear is that FOSS can help a business or public institution avoid getting locked into a vicious cycle of hardware and software upgrades and changes in data formats that require investing in new license fees and significant retraining and can provoke major down time.”

Fellow FLOSS developers, UN already see us!