New set of scripts

Posted by – 20/01/2004

In the middle of my website migration, I’ve disliked the way things were going. So I decided to rewrite it again. This is it’s new version.

Not only disliking made me rewrite it. Two other things contributed for it: XHTML and Planet Debian.

Now it’s all XHTML Transitional compatible (you can check it at W3C Validator). I strongly believe in Mark-Up Languages based on XML, so, I forced myself into putting everything in XHTML.

The raise of Planet Debian, besides making be change the right feeder to Planet Debian, also made me code a RSS Feeder to syndicate it. And since my webplace may start getting more visitors, I couldn’t let it the way it was.

Surely, I have added just a few new contents (I am still migrating it, remember?). But soon we’ll have all the articles and the contents back in place…

Enjoy the site. Enjoy Planet Debian…

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