Month: January 2004

Perens on MyDoom virus

Posted by – 30/01/2004

I think everybody have already read Perens’ letter wrt the MyDoom virus and how he thinks the community must behave in such ocurrences.

Well, I’ve translated it into portuguese, to help spread his word among this language FLOSS comunity. It’s at my company’s website.

Hackers in TV

Posted by – 29/01/2004

I’ve been contacted few days ago to help (along with other 3 pretty good hackers I know: Marlon Dutra, Fernanda Weiden, and Christiano Anderson) in the making of a TV series about the hacker community and the FLOSS movement.

We’ve scheduled a meeting tomorrow, but we’ve already discussed somethings: firstly, the stream is going to be freely available (so I can reproduce it in my website… yes!!!); and secondly, we’ll start from the beginning (and try to undo the bad fame the word “hacker” have), but we intend to go much further in the subject.

This is going to be a heck of experience. I am already looking forward to have some streans to put online.

New set of scripts

Posted by – 20/01/2004

In the middle of my website migration, I’ve disliked the way things were going. So I decided to rewrite it again. This is it’s new version.

Not only disliking made me rewrite it. Two other things contributed for it: XHTML and Planet Debian.

Now it’s all XHTML Transitional compatible (you can check it at W3C Validator). I strongly believe in Mark-Up Languages based on XML, so, I forced myself into putting everything in XHTML.

The raise of Planet Debian, besides making be change the right feeder to Planet Debian, also made me code a RSS Feeder to syndicate it. And since my webplace may start getting more visitors, I couldn’t let it the way it was.

Surely, I have added just a few new contents (I am still migrating it, remember?). But soon we’ll have all the articles and the contents back in place…

Enjoy the site. Enjoy Planet Debian…