Month: December 2003

The Return of the King

Posted by – 28/12/2003

I’ve just watched LOTR: Return of the King. Awesome! Just the best of the three, indeed. Unlike other places, I was not offered the all-three-marathon in any movie theater in town, but I could watch each movie one a day. It was a week to remember, no doubt.

It started when I found out that one theater were showing the extended edition. For some odd reason I don’t fully understand, Warner haven’t distributed the extended edition DVD in Brazil, so this were the first time I watched the ~40-minute added version of the first two movies. With the ROTK premiere scheduled for Christmas (Dec 25th), I bought tickets for FOTR and TTT on 23rd and 24th.

On the 25th, after my Xmas family gathering, I went to the theater for a 3-hour waiting in the line to get a good seat. I got a real good one.

ROTK really lived up to the previous movies. Of course, some unexplainable omissions happened (and as a good Tolkien fan, I noticed’em all), but nothing that would have made me leaving the theater earlier… Let’s remember the trilogy was a version of the story, not the story itself (that’s why we have books in the first place).

Geeks from the regional Tolkien fan club were present, and made it a big happening, with theirs costumes and swords (yeah!, real swords!).

I heard so much about the computer effects PJ would use in the ROTK before the premiere that I thought I’d dislike this last movie for this. But PJ is really a geniuos: he used the computer effects just in the right amount, and added simple-but-powerful sequences that mixed really good with the rest. The firing-up of the firesigns on the top of the mountains were just great!

Finally, I missed an epilogus. Some information of what happened after the war of the ring (like Sam becoming Hobbiton’s mayor, or the travels Merry and Pippin did to meet Aragorn and Eowyn afterwards, of Sam probably going to the Grey Havens) would be very nice… But after such a movie trilogy, PJ is surely forgiven!

DebConf4 Information

Posted by – 27/12/2003

I have uploaded the DebConf4 information to my Debian section. That surely is going to be a huge event.

The brazilian team are already setting up a registration form. It should be ready RSN…

Migrating the website

Posted by – 26/12/2003

Hello World!

I am migrating my site to a new server and a new set of scripts, so not everything are going to be available in the first days/weeks. Since I work on it in my spare time (and I don’t have much spare time), it’ll be a long journey to get everything back in place…

Anyway, thanks for your patience (and your visit)… Enjoy the site…